10 Quick Tips To Stage A Luxury Home

Staging a luxury home for sale involves paying attention to every little details of how others see the home to make sure it puts its best foot forward.

It isn’t dishonest or unethical in any way. It’s simply a process of removing distractions so the true beauty of the home can shine — without anything unpleasant or unnecessary detracting from it.

While some staging tasks can be accomplished in seconds and other take hours or days, there are many things you can start on now to make a luxury home more likely to sell. Here are 10 tips for effectively staging a luxury home:

1. Consider the approach. Remove untidiness outside a home and make sure that any gates, property walls and driveways are clean and easy to maneuver. A pothole hear the entrance gate or a security fence that’s damaged makes a bad impression from the start. Fix any issues outside before showing the home.

2. Take a tour through the house. Walk through each room as a potential buyer would when viewing the home. Note where the eye settles, then try to point out the best features of the room. If there aren’t any or they’re obscured, try to improve the room.

3. Get rid of interior clutter. Paperwork, collections and personal photos that are important to you are distractions to potential buyers. Clear these things away so potential buyers can easily imagine their property in your art niches and on your built-in bookshelves.

4. Reduce furniture. You should leave enough furniture in the home to help establish scale, but you don’t want to restrict traffic flow or inhibit a buyer’s imagination. Remove pieces that don’t support the overall style and look of luxury that you want to convey.

5. Give it a deep clean. This includes odor removal. Make the home seem sparkling fresh and clean — and as new as possible. Even older homes with great character need to be spotless, otherwise finicky buyers will be turned off. This matters just as much in luxury homes as for other houses because cleanliness establishes that the home has been well cared for.

6. Go neutral. If you’ll be painting or staging with rented or borrowed furniture, keep the color scheme neutral. This allows potential buyers to examine the house without being distracted by loud design elements. Light-colored floor coverings are great too.

7. Keep accessories to a minimum. Those little knickknacks that make a luxury house a home may not appeal to everyone, so keep them to a minimum. Use a few items to suggest how a space could be used, but keep them generic. When in doubt, decorate with simple green plants.

8. Clean up storage spaces. Garages, basements, attics and other major storages spaces shouldn’t be filled with your junk. Move your excess possessions to offsite storage, then clean up storage in and around the home to make it look large and promising.

9. Repair. Take the time to fix frayed carpet edges, sticky doors and cabinet hardware that doesn’t quite work right. The quaint little things that make your house unique will distract and displease buyers, so eliminate all problems, even if it costs a bit to accomplish.

10. Do it all again. Once everything has been done, check it again. Potential buyers come to a home to scrutinize it, so don’t let them find any flaws. If you don’t sell the home immediately, keep rechecking that things are as you want them and fix additional issues.

Staging a luxury home for sale is just the same as staging any other home — except the stakes are higher. When buyers are expected to shell out hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, they have a right to expect perfection.

They won’t get perfection, of course, but if you stage your house carefully, you can eliminate distractions and help buyers see their dreams becoming a reality in the luxury home you’re selling.