Make Yourself At Home: To-Do’s for Moving In

Moving into a new home is a busy and exciting time. Here are some tips to help make you feel right at home:

Safety First

-Not sure that house key is one-of-a-kind? Don’t take a risk. Prevent unwanted guests and intruders by changing the locks. Also, make copies of important keys and give them to trusted friends and family members in case of an emergency or lock-out.

-Get to know the alarm system, if any. Read the manual, and reset passcodes as needed. If the house has no alarm, do internet research and ask neighbors about area crime and trusted alarm system companies.

-Reprogram the garage door opener. You can’t put a price on safe! Many remote controls have a button to reset the transmission code—check the directions or call the manufacturer.

-Smoke detectors should be placed every 15 feet within a home. Many older homes have only one, if any. Make sure each bedroom and every floor of your new home has at least one working smoke detector, and install more if needed. Play it extra safe, and install carbon monoxide detectors as well.

-Place a fire extinguisher on every floor of the house, and learn how to use it. Create a fire exit strategy (and other types of emergency plans, as needed) and go over it with every member of the household. If you have children, put emergency phone numbers near the main telephones for each level.

Get to Know Your Home

-Locate keys for any internal doors, especially to basements. Bedroom keys often are placed above the doorframe. Can’t find them? Talk to the previous owners.

-Locate the main circuit breaker and get to know the circuits in your home. If you don’t understand the labeling, recruit a friend or family member to test them out, and then re-label them.

-Locate the main water shut-off. In the event of a household flood, every second counts!

-Read instructions for the HVAC system. Change the filter, and set reminders for future filter changes. Frequent changes save energy and lengthen the life of your AC unit.

-Familiarize yourself with the sprinkler system, if the house has one. Read the manual, or contact the manufacturer for a new one. At minimum, learn the zones and basic use of the control box.

Green Things Up

-Count all the types of light bulbs your new home, and purchase energy-efficient replacements, indoor and outdoor. This could significantly lower your electricity bill.

-Consider installing low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

-Contact the city and ask about any incentive or rebate programs for energy-efficiency or water conservation improvements. These programs reward homeowners for updating HVAC systems and installing low-flow toilets, etc.

-Check and repair damaged window and door seals. This will keep the household from being as affected by outdoor air temperatures.

Welcome home!
Regent Property Group enjoys sharing these and other helpful household tips with homeowners. Searching for an Austin-area waterfront property for sale? The luxury REALTORS® at Regent Property Group support home-buyers every step of the way.


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