Looking To Relocate To Austin? The Numbers Are Encouraging

Relocating to Austin is a great idea, but don’t just take my word for it. Organizations from around the country are pointing out the virtues of living in Austin. These unbiased sources have their reasons for liking Austin so much, and they’re all solid ones.

Here now, in no particular order, are six recommendations for Austin:

The Business Journals Call Austin Best For Young Adults

The Business Journals says that there are three great location choices for graduates looking for work in this post-recession world: Washington, San Jose, California, and Austin. Because Austin has a booming technology industry and is expanding rapidly, things are good for all sorts of citizens. And it’s especially great, the research shows, for people just getting out of college and looking for entry-level jobs.

Austin Is Second Best-Performing Large City

Once again, Austin finds itself on a list with San Jose. This time, Austin rose from fourth place last year to second, being slightly bested by the California tech town. Ranking cities based on technology development, wage increases and job growth, Milken’s Annual Index of Best-Performing Large Cities examined stats from 2006 to 2011.

Austin Has 5th Healthiest Housing Market

Austin was one of four Texas cities that made Trulia’s list of places where the housing market is looking bright. The ranking was determined based on the real estate industry tracking website’s study of vacancy rate, foreclosure rate, home price stability and job growth rate. Like many cities, Austin is seeing rising home prices, but that wasn’t taken into consideration by this analysis.

Austin Is Number 4 Best Home Market To Watch

According to a forecast by the Urban Land Institute, the Austin real estate market is the fourth most important market to watch in the near future. We came in just ahead of Houston and were preceded by San Francisco, New York City and our new best friend, San Jose. And predictions indicate that Austin will only grow in popularity, spelling good things for both residential and commercial real estate.

Austin Is Eighth Best City, According To Bloomberg 

In a late 2012 ranking of the 50 best American cities by Bloomberg Business Week, Austin ranked eighth. Reasons include the number of businesses and startups here, the internationally known festival scene and the decrease in the unemployment rate while household incomes rose. There are no major sports team here, Bloomberg pointed out, but every city has a minor flaw or two.

And More

One neighborhood in particular, East Austin, even ranked number seven on a Forbes list of Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.

We could go on, but you get the idea. When organizations are looking to make lists of great American cities, Austin seems to always pop up. It’s because we have a great city that just keeps getting better.

Austin may not have set out to appear on every positive list in America, but it certainly seems to be showing up in all the right places. If you aren’t yet convinced that things are great in Austin, maybe one of these respected list-makers can help persuade you that there’s something special about Central Texas’ crowing jewel.


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